Frequently Asked Questions


Race Course Map

You can also download a PDF of the map here – Cairns Amateurs Carnival Map

When does the Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival take place?

The 2022 Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival takes place on Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th September.

Where is Cannon Park located?
Cannon Park is located on Mulgrave Road, in the suburb of Woree, in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.
Is there parking at Cannon Park?
Yes, there is public car parking provided at Cannon Park, however it is restricted. Please refer to the Course Map for the locations of the parking areas.
Meeting point
There will be a designated ‘Meeting Point Marquee’ to the right of the front entrance so you can wait for your friends
Is there a bus service available to Cannon Park?

Yes, the Cairns Amateurs Carnival has a dedicated Bus transfer to make it easier for you to get to and from our great event, please see the timetable below:


Forward Service, The Benson to Lake Street to Cannon Park ($5 per person)
Bus 1 operates 10:00AM to 4:00PM in 30 minute intervals

Return Service, Cannon Park to The Benson to Lake Street ($5 per person)
2 Buses operating 4:00PM to 7:30PM in 30 minute intervals


Forward Service, The Benson to Lake Street to Cannon Park ($5 per person)
Bus 1 operates 10:00AM to 4:00PM in 30 minute intervals
Bus 2 operates 10:30AM to 1:30PM in 30 minute intervals

Return Service, Cannon Park to The Benson to Lake Street ($5 per person)
4 Buses operating 4:00PM to 7:30PM

How much is entrance to the Carnival?

Due to COVID times, and in the interest of public safety we strongly encourage pre-purchasing tickets online at $25.00 per person per day. Gate entry on race days $35, and will be strictly limited. You may experience some delay. EFTPOS and cash facilities will be available.

Are people under 18 years of age allowed at the Carnival?

The Course is a licensed venue. EFTPOS facilities available at all venues. Persons under 18 years of age, must be in the constant care of a parent or guardian, are not permitted to enter the Course without parental supervision. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to attend the Cairns Amateurs Ball. Cairns Amateurs reserves the right to require proof of age of any person entering or at either venue. ID will be required.

What time do the gates at Cannon Park open?
Gates open at 11.00am on both race days.
Is there a dress code for the Carnival?

We ask that all patrons attending the race course dress in a respectable manner.

For the Members Area at the race course, and in keeping with the tropical Spring theme of the Cairns Amateurs, dress codes for are less formal than many southern race courses, but standards are still expected to be maintained by all who frequent the area. Members & Guests Passes for the appropriate year must be visible and worn at all times. At the Cairns Amateurs Ball, the dress code is Black Tie, with a suit and tie the minimum requirement for men. All attendees are requested to maintain the standard of this gala event. Members are reminded of their responsibility to ensure the attire of their guests at all functions, including the Cairns Amateurs Ball, is appropriate. For all other event information, please refer to the General Information section on this site.

Can I smoke at the Carnival?
During the Cairns Amateurs Carnival, the Cannon Park Racecourse is a non-smoking area. Designated Smoking areas are provided within the Carnival.
Can I buy a Cairns Amateurs race book?
Yes. Race books for each day are available at the Carnival until sold out. The cost of each book is $10.00 and they can be found at the front gate, TAB areas and roving merchandise sellers.
Can I buy any Cairns Amateurs merchandise?
Yes. A variety of items with the logos of the Cairns Amateurs are available during the Carnival at merchandise stands until sold out. These include hats, caps and neoprene drink coolers.
Can I reserve seats in the public area of the race track?
There is no reserved seating in the general public concourse.
How do I get tickets for the Cairns Amateurs Ball?
Tickets are available online at
Is food available at Cannon Park?

Yes, there are on-course caterers with several different outlets during race days. Food vans are located in the general areas (Number 15 & 16 on Map)

Can I bring my own alcohol to Cannon Park?
No. In accordance with Queensland Liquor Licence Regulations, no alcoholic beverages may be brought into Cannon Park as it is a licensed area. No alcohol is allowed to be taken from Cannon Park.
Can I bring a picnic?
Yes, however please refer to our Terms & Conditions of Entry for full details.
Can I bring my own chairs to the track?
You should refer to the Terms & Conditions of Entry with regard to the allowance of chairs at the racecourse and responsibility for your possessions.
What happens if I lose my ticket to an event?
Unless proof can be produced by you, the Far North Queensland Amateur Turf Club Inc. retains the right to refuse entrance to any event or area during the Carnival without a valid and official ticket. This includes the Members Area and Corporate tickets.
Are there any shaded areas at Cannon Park?
Shade is provided by the Cairns Amateurs in some areas of Cannon Park. As this shade does not cover the entire venue, we recommend a hat and sunscreen for your protection. We cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient room for you to obtain shelter from direct sunlight and heat, rain and wind.
Are their any provisions made for access for people with disabilities?
Access and facilities for those using wheelchairs is available at the race track.
Is there public transport to Cannon Park?
Yes, public transport to and from Cannon Park is available during the two days of racing. There are also facilities for taxis, private hire vehicles and coaches. Please refer to the General Information section on Transport Options.
Is there a lost property department?
If you have misplaced any item at an event during the Carnival, please contact the venue where the event was held to enquire before contacting the Cairns Amateurs office. The Far North Queensland Amateur Turf Club Inc. accepts no responsibility for any lost or stolen items.
Can I withdraw money at Cannon Park?
Yes, ATM facilities are available at Cannon Park however in the interest of public health we strongly recommend using contactless transactions. EFTPOS facilities will be available at all venues.
Are there betting facilities at Cannon Park?
Yes there are TAB facilities at Cannon Park race course. The Far North Queensland Amateur Turf Club Inc is committed to promoting the socially responsible enjoyment of wagering on the outcome of the races.
Is there a First Aid area at Cannon Park?
Yes. Officers from the Queensland Ambulance Service and First Response are present at each race day.
Is there security at the Carnival?
The services of the Queensland Police and a private security provider are engaged for every event of the Carnival. We do not provide individual security for any private tents (including Corporate Marquee area).