Carle Rutledge

Carle Rutledge is a Queensland born fashion and style explorer who discovered her love of racing fashion after a move to Melbourne for her corporate career.


A love of going to the races has always fed my love of millinery and shoes. Admiring the beautiful fashions from the sidelines, I finally found the courage to participate in 2015 after starting to explore making my own millinery. Participating mostly in the Melbourne Cup’s Spring Carnival initially and then slowly started to compete more in country race days and interstate.
The most enjoyable aspect of participating is meeting the community of fellow fashion lovers and designers who are equally inspired by fashion exploration and make the most of dressing up for a great day at the track. That creative energy was like a bug and drove more confidence to explore my hat making techniques and skills in my spare time.


I currently reside in Melbourne for my job in construction. My daily work is not glamorous – being ona work site is dusty and no frills, but that’s what I love about it. Keeps me balanced and challenges me in so many ways while my fashion exploring feeds my creative side.


I’m a tomboy at heart– growing up on a sheep and cattle station near Quilpie in outback Queensland, riding horses and motor bikes. It was generally boots or often no shoes at all and rarely a dress! That’s certainly changed.


The contrast of my hobby in racing fashion and my everyday job in a funny way tend to help push the other. Racing fashion is such a unique genre offering an unlimited creative outlet to explore a love of fashion and styling. Combined with millinery and the right accessories, it’s not the type of outfit to wear down the street. Australia’s racing fashion certainly draws attention internationally with outfits setting new and exciting levels of artistic flair and inspiration.